Columbus Limo


Our main concern is your comfort and protection. Choose from among our fleet of modern and elegant service limousines.


Columbus Limo Equals Professionalism and Responsibility!

Our Chauffeurs are polite and professionally trained. Columbus Limo has limo drivers who wear black suits neatly to serve you with grace.

In addition, our chauffeurs are undergoing trainings by safety directors and individual road tests to be sure that you reach to your destination with comfort and peace of mind.

Anytime of the day, our chauffeured limo cars will pick you up and deliver you on time. All you have to do is relax and feel comfortable.

Columbus Limo chauffeurs are always ready to give you assistance with your luggage and provide you with the fast and secure tour to your home or business meeting. As Columbus Limo stressed out, our chauffeurs values time as money and that it certainly makes a good business!

Our Columbus Limo drivers ensure a memorable and enjoyable limo service.

Call Columbus Limo and book your favourite limo today!


Professional and timely limo services are needed to meet deadlines and do good business.

Columbus Limo understands the demands of the business world. Time is an essential part of it.  Professional and timely limo services are needed to meet deadlines and do good business.

Columbus Limo caters all limo services on time and professionally to all businesses in Ohio. If limo services are needed for the very important persons or the big bosses or the executives of your company, we can offer you the most professional limo service that can be accorded to these people. Whether they are in a business meeting or they are fetched from the Airport, Columbus Limo offers our luxurious service that will undeniably impress corporate executives.

Also, Columbus Limo can arrange the limo services of the people and some important documents with in the bag delivery time.

We offer credit terms to our limo services for corporations and businesses. We make it convenient and easy for you. This is an offer that can make your accounts management a lot easier.